Proven programs to keep older adults moving and being at their most independent level of function.

Key Benefits

+ Stimulate Memory
+ Improve Mobility
+ Increase Muscle Strength
+ Reduce Falls
+ Enhance Joint Flexibility
+ Improve Body Composition

Sedentary senior citizens, even those confined to a wheelchair, who incorporate exercise into their lifestyles not only improve their physical function, but experience psychological benefits as well.

Many of the declines that we attribute to aging can be reversed with the specialized fitness & wellness training GravOxy Fitness provides at our Metrowest Studio and through our on site programs at assisted living centers and senior centers..

As we age, we experience declines in flexibility, strength, cardio endurance, balance, lymphatic movement and oxygenation to cells.

Unfortunately, there has been a void in developing fitness programming for seniors. Elderly individuals who are not able to perform a standing exercise program without one-on-one assistance are at another disadvantage.

GravOxy has developed individual and group based fitness programs for senior populations. This training can be easily adapted to both seated group exercise and one-on-one standing exercise.

Our Buddy Bounce system even works with someone in a wheel chair. Each person starts off with a time that works for them. Sometimes it might be as little as 15 seconds. We check their oxygen levels during the process. They find it very powerful because not only is it medicinal, but it’s enjoyable.

In working with seniors, GravOxy clients use a specialized rebounder, variety of fun props, their own body weight, light weights, stability balls and bands. At the same time, a variety of mental stimulation exercises are incorporated.

The client gains lymphatic/glymphatic movement, better circulation and oxygenation to the cells. Core strength provides more vibrant movement then they get daily. It is fun, stimulating and very powerful on a detoxing level as well.

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