We work with parents, teachers and caregivers to get children involved in fun fitness wherever they are. Health and Fun can go hand in hand.

Participation in physical education programs by US children and adolescents is low (only 21% of US adolescents participate in daily school based physical activity programs) and declining.

In the face of rising childhood obesity, due to decreased physical activity, and diets high in caloric junk food, GravOxy Fitness provides the means and opportunity for children to move in a better direction.

GravOxy’s Fun Fitness on the Run

This program provides a range of novel fitness props including pieces of rope, pool noodles, scarves, balance beams, hula hoops and other fun objects, in addition to the rebounders. We give children a challenging, fun opportunity to interact with these objects.

Most sessions build around music that is both familiar and accessible to inspire the children. We give them just enough instruction, plenty of resources, and mood setting sound so that they can explore and interact creatively. Children are naturally creative and playful – if time and opportunity allow, they will design their own fun activity.


GravOxy’s Fitness in the Classroom

Working in the K-12 classroom we create, with students and their teachers, a fitness environment that incorporates desks, easels, chairs, rug areas and select classroom materials (e.g. n activity ladder with rulers and masking tape.) and involves movement in place as well as movement through their classroom gym.

In the classroom kids walk around desks and play stop and go (freeze walk.) They hold onto the back of their chairs and do jumping jacks. Kids can jog in place, tick tock, twist. Kids balance on one foot until they feel they have to sit down. Then they switch to the other leg.

All of these activities can be modified for those who may be motor-impaired, so that everybody can participate. If there are students in wheelchairs, upper-body stretching and arm work are emphasized. There are countless fun indoor activities – and with the addition of upbeat music the possibilities are exciting and endless!