When the walls of the veins are too weak to support the blood moving toward the heart, the veins widen and pooling of the blood occurs, causing more stretching.

Rebound exercise strengthens the cells of the veins, building strength in the veins to support proper blood flow. By health bouncing several times a day, circulation is improved, and the injured veins heal. Little spider veins disappear, usually within a few weeks and continued healing takes place with consistent daily health bouncing, up to 5 minutes, 4-5 days.

With regular rebound exercise, the walls of the blood capillaries and veins will get stronger, removing the cause of varicose veins. Some scarring may be left which in time may heal, depending on how often rebounding is done and on the nutrients that are supplied to the cells. Health doses of flex seed oil and or vitamin E may be helpful in allowing the body to heal the scars.